Classical Fact

While in Italy, George Frederic Handel was introduced by the powerful Medici family, to England's George Louis - the Elector of Hanover. Handel was given the position of Kapellmeister to the Elector and immediately shipped off to Britain. One part of the legend has Handel lolling about England and making the social rounds, but not producing much music. The other side of the story suggests that the Elector of Hanover was using Handel as a spy during this period. Allegedly, Handel reported back to him on the London social and political scene. When George Louis's mother, Queen Anne died, Handel's employer, the Elector, became the first Hanoverian King of England. In 1717, Handel was asked to compose musical entertainment for George the First's lavish, floating, barge parties on the River Thames. The King had music he greatly enjoyed and the world had the Water Music Suites.